Stop Wasting Money on Marketing Tactics

Build a foundation based on generating revenue, not leads.

Align your team around a clear story

Develop the right marketing assets

Connect to revenue and grow in sprints

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Get a roadmap. Create a sales-driving website, emails, and case study. Launch in 90 days.

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Most marketing feels like pay-for-play. You pay—and get played.

The digital marketing agency you hired that promised you the world and locked you into a hefty long-term contract? Maybe they delivered 

  • a marketing message, but it doesn’t connect with buyers
  • a flashy website that (thanks to paid ads) draws traffic, but it’s not generating leads
  • tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of useless “clicks” and “impressions,” but no new revenue 

What were you left with? Certainly not a return on your investment. (They’re called vanity metrics for a reason.)

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Quitting the game isn’t an option.

You might think you can avoid marketing altogether, but quitting the game has its consequences:

missing out on prospects because you're not delivering the right message or engaging with them when they're ready to buy
Losing sales to your competitors because you lack a clear position as an expert category leader.
continuing to engage in reactive, "random acts of marketing" because you don't have a plan that can grow over time.
still failing to realize a return on your marketing investment because you don't have the support or resources to keep it going.
stalling out on growth because you're operating as a siloed organization with no alignment between marketing and sales.
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What if marketing worked and was worth it? 

Think about developing any new tech product: You wouldn’t jump straight from idea to build and hope it works. When you’ve taken the time to design the right foundation with discovery, user research, wireframes, and prototyping, you wouldn’t go straight to market without testing and hope you get results.

The same is true in marketing as it is in product development:

Design before build. Strategy before tactics.

How it works

Connect marketing to revenue in 90 days by following these 3 simple steps.

We’ll use a 3-step process to design, develop, and deploy your revenue-generating marketing assets, taking you from concept to launch and helping you to connect with your ideal buyers, partners, or investors at the exact moment they’re ready to engage—so you can convert more leads to clients and grow your revenue.

Two women talking in front of a whiteboard with a strategic planning timeline.
four weeks

Design a roadmap

Over two 90-minute strategy sessions, we’ll design your story pitch and framework, which will form the basis of your roadmap. 

Web designer working at a desk, with color palettes and font designs on his screen.
six weeks

Develop your assets

We’ll build a custom website and craft an email sequence and case study designed to convert leads to sales.

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two weeks

Drive revenue

We won’t just hand you your assets and leave you to figure out what to do next. We’ll provide a scorecard to help you track results and three 1-on-1 advisory calls over three months.

You need a partner.

Someone who can take the brilliance out of your head and turn it into a story-driven strategy to drive sales.

I’ve spent more than 20 years helping engineers, researchers, and academics translate their smartness into street talk. When I saw how many tech companies were struggling to connect with their ideal buyers and being taken advantage of by slick agencies, I went all in on serving them—especially B2B software and product development firms, enterprise SaaS companies, managed service providers, and funded startups and spinoffs. 

I love helping my clients get clear on what they offer, no matter how complex it is. These days, that looks like partnering with rockstar B2B tech companies to build websites and craft e-mails, case studies, and other content assets so they can generate demand, grow revenue, and become the expert category definers in their industry.

Two men in casual attire talking in a brightly colored room about technology.

My clients love the growth that comes from getting clear.

From multimillion-dollar B2B software and product development firms to enterprise SaaS companies to funded tech startups and many others, I love serving my clients.

“Kelly helped us to clarify a brand-new and very technical product that no one has ever heard of, which helped us to generate more effective marketing, sales, and investment collateral. She made my life much easier, she was fast and professional, and she made it fun!”

Greg Heller
Research and Development at HNO International
Make the right investment

Get started today, and within 90 days, you could be in a much better position to:

Be seen as the leader of a revenue-focused organization when you finally align sales and marketing to drive growth
Meet and engage with prospects where they are, delivering the right message at the right time
Achieve internal alignment around who you are and your unique position in the marketplace
Position your company as the expert category leader in your industry with a story-driven content strategy
Feel confident in your marketing and results with ongoing CRO calls, high-level strategy consulting, and accountability
Fully leverage your CRM investment with a website, content, and emails that attract and convert qualified leads to clients and grow revenue
Establish a marketing foundation that gets results—drive sales and connect to revenue—and is agile so you can build on it in sprints over time
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Stop investing in death by a thousand tactics, and instead start building your marketing-to-revenue foundation today.