About Us

Grow sales with story

Starting with a strategic message, we’ll help you position your brand, build the right assets, and connect to revenue.

A Star Wars Themed playstation 3, with a custom controller. In the background is a iMac with a stormtrooper wallpaper, and addition TK stand on the desk as paperweights.
Our mission

Nerds are our jam.

You’ve built your tech and your team, and you’re ready to change the world. But without a strong marketing foundation that generates demand, drives sales, and connects to revenue, you’re just wasting money on tactics. At Storify Marketing, we help B2B tech company leaders craft strategic messages and build winning brands through story—so they can close more deals and grow.

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The Story Behind Storify

I get excited over inanimate objects like robot arms and toasters.

And I love helping my clients get clear on what they offer, no matter how complex it is.

I’ve spent more than 20 years helping engineers, researchers, and academics translate their smartness into street talk. When I saw how many B2B tech companies were struggling to connect with their ideal buyers and being taken advantage of by slick agencies, I went all in on serving them, and Storify Marketing was born. 

If you’re ready to take that first step toward building the right marketing foundation, let’s talk. My partners and I can’t wait to help you come up with words, a website, and content that get your ideal buyers as excited about your products and services as I am about robots.

Our values

We're obsessed with your success.

Humbly inquisitive.

We approach every encounter with open eyes and dogged curiosity. We don’t give advice; we listen and diagnose.  

Adaptively creative.

We are ideas driven and client-first. We don’t hold our ideas too close or too tight.

Eternally learning.

We stick to the basics when it comes to marketing, but we always improve. We never stop learning or engaging with our clients’ challenges.

Repeatably agile.

We’ll make recommendations based on having achieved success with other clients, but you’re the expert of your domain. Every company has repeatable processes that work for them. We’re happy to flex and iterate around yours.

Disarmingly honest.

When we say something, we mean it. This looks like: If we aren’t the best fit, we’ll tell you. If we set a deadline, we’ll keep it. If your baby (website) is ugly, we’ll say so. Super nicely.

Fully committed.

We can’t guarantee results, but we can promise to see you through to success, whatever that looks like for your business: 90-days-to-done, high-level advising, and/or partnering in ongoing marketing strategy and execution.

Certified Storybrand Guide badge, after being certified over five years ago.

"If you’re tired of investing in a mystery and want a return on your marketing investment, I would invest in Kelly.”
-Donald Miller, NYT bestselling author, Building a StoryBrand

Our hometown

The City of Champions


218 Oakland Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Leading a tech company right now requires resilience—something Pittsburghers understand. Having shed its industrial past but held tight to its grit and determination, Pittsburgh is emerging as a new tech hub for robotics, machine learning/AI, biotech, healthcare, and more. 

In this same spirit, I’m thrilled to partner with dogged developers, insistent engineers, and others hell-bent on changing the world with their tech, both locally from my office and globally via Zoom. 

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Only the best

I use a variety of outsourced contractors to execute effective marketing for my clients, including Banker Creative, which provides StoryBrand web design for tech and software companies.

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Image that says "coming soon" to indicate future partners.
Image that says "coming soon" to indicate future partners.

Stop investing in death by a thousand tactics, and instead start building your marketing-to-revenue foundation today.