B2B Tech marketing

Build a marketing foundation that drives revenue

Story-driven strategy, sales-generating assets, and revenue-connected results for B2B tech companies that want to be expert category leaders.

Go from concept to launch to revenue

Reach your ideal target at the right time

Convert more leads to clients and grow

Where's the ROI? 

Overhyped marketing tactics not serving your B2B tech company? 

Sometimes digital marketing feels like a lurker with slicked-back hair and a black box who wants to take your money, over promise, and under deliver on tactics that don’t grow your bottom line. 

You're left with a marketing message that doesn't connect with prospects, a flashy website that draws traffic but no leads, and $50K worth of likes and follows. No wonder you’re hesitant to pull the trigger.

You've worked hard to build your tech and your team. Don't blow it all on marketing tactics and vanity metrics. You deserve to see an actual return on your investment.

"Drive traffic to the website!"

"Get more leads!"

"Cut Costs! Be more productive!"

"Metrics! MQLs! More leads!"

An office worker reading a bright yellow book called "the design of everyday things"
STories sell

Win on brand and drive sales through story

Get clear

Take the brilliance in your head and turn it into a clear, compelling story with help from an outsider who speaks the language of both you and your buyer.

Get marketing

Use your clear message to develop the right assets and connect to revenue while getting your team on board with marketing done right.

Get results

Position yourself and your company as expert category definers and land more major clients with an ongoing content strategy that grows sales.

How it works

Connect marketing to revenue in 90 days by following these 3 simple steps.


a Roadmap

First, we’ll design a Marketing to Revenue Roadmap and nail the story and pitch that position your prospect as the hero.


Your Assets

Next, we'll develop revenue-generating assets—a website, e-mails, and case study—that are focused on conversion.



Now that you have a marketing foundation and scorecard to track results, you can reach your ideal target and grow.

Two men in casual attire talking in a brightly colored room about technology.

My clients love the growth that comes from getting clear.

From multimillion-dollar B2B software and product development firms to enterprise SaaS companies to funded tech startups and many others, I love serving my clients.

“Kelly helped us to clarify a brand-new and very technical product that no one has ever heard of, which helped us to generate more effective marketing, sales, and investment collateral. She made my life much easier, she was fast and professional, and she made it fun!”

Greg Heller
Research and Development at HNO International

Let’s build something that will last but also grow with your business.

Young man drawing a user interface wireframe on a vertical notepad on an easel.
four weeks


Over two 90-minute strategy sessions, we’ll design your story pitch and framework, which will form the basis of your roadmap. 

six weeks


We’ll build a custom website and craft an email sequence and case study designed to convert leads to sales.

A meeting among 3 coworkers around a conference table with MacBooks open to helpful documents.
two weeks


We won’t just hand you your assets and leave you to figure out what to do next. We’ll provide a scorecard to help you track results and three 1-on-1 advisory calls over three months.

Take the brilliance out of your head and turn it into a story-driven strategy to grow sales.


Oh hey, I like making the complex simple.

And turning it into a story that makes your company more money. 

Simply put, I think if you have a great product or service that helps other businesses grow, you should be able to get a return on your marketing investment in the form of more clients. 

I understand how it feels to spend years building your tech, developing your dream team, and delivering value to your clients, only to bet the business on spooky dude with the full-service agency. 

Kelly Sjol, CEO and founder of Storify Marketing. Certified Storybrand Guide badge, after being certified over five years ago.

Kelly Sjol

CEO & Founder

Here’s what my clients have to say.

"I was overwhelmed

by having to develop a well-oiled marketing campaign. ... We finished our website, delivered our message to the market, attracted more students, and were able to launch our program thanks to [Kelly's] guidance.”

Leona Mitchell
Leona Mitchell
Founding Director
Pitt School of Computing and Information Professional Institute

"I understand the importance of a compelling brand story.

Kelly helped me and [my cofounder] workshop our technical, product-focused message to a clear, investor-focused message that we were able to immediately apply to our vision in the pitch deck.”

Robb Myer
Robb Myer
Product-obsessed entrepreneur, startup advisor, and seed investor

"We needed a brand message and strategy to align our marketing and sales teams.

What we weren’t expecting was how well [Kelly] was able to help us craft our brand message and immediately translate it into marketing collateral, including sales emails and pitch decks, that got results.”

Dave Babst
Dave Babst
Former Vice President of Marketing
Othot Inc.
Front cover of the marketing report from Storify's assessment tool.

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